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Petal Clock

A two colour clock.

Use luminescent filament for the face details and the hands for a Glow in the Dark bedside clock.

An interesting effect. The white face clock shows dark face and light detail in darkness and the reverse when illuminated. This results in a particular light level where face and detail are the same hue and time disappears. Now use a dark face.

          Petal clock gcode files       ::link

          Petal clock STL files          ::link

          Petal wall clock STL files   ::link

    The links download a zipped folder with the clock face, a stand , packing washers, which may be needed under the fixing nut and a selection of hands.

    The Wall clock folder contains a face without the spud at the bottom and can be hung on a wall with the mounting supplied with the movement.

    The spindle holes in the hands, the face and packing washers are slightly undersized to ensure a tight fit. So may require some fettling.

The slot in the stand can close up slightly depending on printing conditions and may require filing out.

The gcode files are for Repetier Host and, in the clock gcode, include a pause at layer 8 to change colour for the face details.  The filament change procedure is outlined in ‘3D printer notes’ on this site.  


Clock movement from cousinsuk.com  And I’m sure other suppliers

         J3137M  UTS Hi Torque Quartz Clock Movement  

 J4860A  UTS Quartz Movement Blind Minute Hand Nut  


A clock dial wrench key from the movement supplier makes assembly easier